Friday, October 17, 2008

Moody Friday

Something wrong with my PC. I am not able to key in Chinese character! Damn!

Have been walking alone all these years. I always think I am contented with it and this will be the way for the rest of my life. But since back from Chiang Mai, there is a slightly changes in the mindset. I don't deny that I have been purposely keeping door closed for a long period.

Life is still going on and yup, I need some changes. Mmmm, maybe I do need companion.

Today is a moody Friday.


0rd1n said...

Everyone need a companion, the only different is you want a friend to kill time or a soul mate to exchange everything you've hidden in bottom of your heart :)

OSK said...

I am kind of greedy, I want both.

zzhen said...

龍貓英文蘭就不打英文 囉
有伴會精彩一點 不論同性或異性

0rd1n said...

hahaha, then think of the way to work it out, gambateh and good luck to u~ :)

OSK said...

I will try! haha