Tuesday, November 13, 2007


高喊了几代的口号, 终于露出曙光.

事关朋友透露有一班朋友除了男友或老公以外, 也学着“精屋藏蕉”.

肤浅的认为这是男人乐此不疲的游戏, 原来已悄悄在搞革命!

自己做个假设: 会不会“藏娇”者的另一半其实也“藏蕉”? 出卖与被出卖, 扯平了? 只是彼此识相的把嘴抹的干净? 就像公正党最近高喊的口号: BERSIH!

忽然闪过朋友在卡拉OK唱着这首歌的画面: 你的眼睛背叛了你的心!


Siew Siew said...

Saw a movie, there is a couple married for 15 years. The guy was cheating with wife's friend. She knew for a while but because of her family and children. She kept quiet.
Until one day, during a dinner reception where both their friends were around. The wife finally told her husband, she knew about his relationship. "Look around you, see all your friends here? One of these day, I am going to have relationship with one of them. Then we are even. Then we will start all over again."
她会不会做是另一回事, 不过她的答案拍案叫绝.

OSK said...

Agree. Faithful is the key element in a relationship!

阿妮 said...

哇!这对白有点 “恐怖”!

OSK said...